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ezCallTrack - Reinstallation

ezCallTrack® is a Call Accounting Software designed to easily process all your phone booths calls.  ezCallTrack can communicate with all types of Serial connection PBXs and via TCP/IP with all the Quintum Tenor Series without the need to 3rd party CDR Servers.

 Key Benefits:

  • ezCallTrack will tell you exactly when a call was actually answered by the called party and calculate the correct charge.

  • Calls will not be lost, even when the computer where ezCallTrack is installed is turned off while customer are talking.  When you start ezCallTrack you will see all calls made for that day.

  • Real Multithreading:  unique ability to handle several combinations of VoIP gateways and Serial PBX connections at the same time.  You may have some phone lines connected to a VoIP gateway and other lines connected to a Serial PBX and ezCallTrack will monitor all your calls from all connected devices.

  • Easy configuration form for Booth/Extension name assignments. ezCallTrack allows you to configure the presentation layout for the booth and/or extensions by any name,  number and orden.

  • Handle Internal Office Extensions. ezCallTrack will also help you by tracking all calls made by any internal/office extension connected to your VoIP gateway or PBX so you can be aware of those calls made by your employees.

  • Global Rates Updating:  Update calls rates per country in a matter of seconds with an easy and intuitive form.  Also import/export rates from other  ezCallTrack installations.

  • No more hidden calls. ezCallTrack allows you to see paid and void calls, discounts applied and get accurate information about your daily calls operations.

Product Brochure - PDF document

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